Sleeping Baby

Babies sleep when they need to sleep…..right?

Understanding your child’s sleep (or lack of sleep) is not as easy as it sounds!  There are many factors that go into understanding your child’s sleep and luckily you’ve found Happy Sleeping Baby to guide you and your baby to healthy and happy sleep.

Click your child’s age category below to learn more about understanding your child’s sleep and empowering yourself a parent.  A good night of sleep is the best start to your family’s day.

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Sleeping Baby

You can never know enough when expecting a baby.

Here you will learn how you can help your baby sleep wonderfully from the start.

Example schedules and some great tools to help you navigate life with a new baby.

Sleeping Baby

Healthy sleep habits make for happy children!

If your child isn’t sleeping well it impacts their health and the whole family too.

Learn how to get Happy Sleep starting tonight!


In less than a month we went from waking every two hours to sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am.  We rarely have a wake up now!  Gone are the chaotic days and nights!

-Lara T.
"I am so happy that we have Courtney share her expertise on our platform. "Two Weeks to Better Baby Sleep" is honestly one of the best courses we have on the platform. Why? Because it's a perfect mix of hands-on advice, exercises that you will have time for (a challenge for new parents) that yield results and inspiring, but not overwhelming, facts on sleep. And the best part is the tone of the course. You really feel that what you are going through is normal, however challenging, and that is completely accepted to sometimes feel overwhelmed. I have nothing against parenting books but Courtney's way of going to the core and focusing on what gets effect worked so much better for us than reading a book."
"Courtney was my guide to back to sleep.  As a new mom I didn’t know anything about the right sleep patterns of an infant. With her knowledge and schedule the whole house, including the dog, is sleeping better. Thanks for being so patient and helping find the right solution for my baby’s sleeping problem. ”

– Tristan Geisler

2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, Skelet
Like Courtney said, "it will get worse before it gets better."  BUT it was worth it!  It took time for the new routines to become a habit but now our son sleeps all night and so do we!  Thank you!!  Tack!!

-Anna, Per and Erik
Courtney helped my wife and I get our evenings back since having our baby!  We are all sleeping better and are a happy family!

-A happy husband
"Courtney worked with my wife and me to determine a course of action when our son was waking in the night. He’s now a sound sleeper!”

– Eric and Rachel
“I just have to say to all who are considering asking Courtney to help you and your child with The Happy Sleep Plan – she is amazing! We are in the middle of our program and it is not easy with our son and Courtney is there every step of the way! It is a great support and I encourage everybody to get help like this for the benefit of their child!”

– R. L.

Not Quite Sure?

Figuring out your baby’s sleep can be an exhausting task.

That’s why I guide you through the process so you don’t have to spend hours, day, or months trying.

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